Special Shaped SmCo Magnets

Irregular Shaped SmCo Magnets

Sintered magnets are produced via Pulvermetallurgie-Prozess and generally criticized by their machinability, especially Samarium Cobalt SmCo magnets. SmCo-Magnete can be classified into 1:5 type SmCo magnets and 2:17 SmCo type magnets base on the alloy composition, then 1:5 type SmCo magnets and 2:17 type SmCo magnets are also known as as the first generation and second generation of rare earth permanent magnets, respectively. 1:5 type SmCo magnets have relatively better mechanical properties and malleability in comparison with 2:17 type SmCo magnets, then more easily to process micro SmCo magnets, thin-wall ring SmCo magnets, and special shaped SmCo magnets. SmCo-Magnete are still playing an irreplaceable role in higher temperature and high temperature stability areas which Neodym-Magneten are not possible. Then miniaturization and functional complexity process of some certain application also generates large demands for special shaped SmCo magnets.